CEO Message: (on Dec. 2012)

  A new prospect of world shows a trend of shifting of power from politic to economy both in national and international domains. Nowadays, excelling in global business seems inseparable and highly depended upon how proficient and futuristic businesses would flourish as the main players of progress and development in every individual country.
With that in mind, Roshd Sanat Company was founded at the outset of 90’s, with the goal of developing a new productive business model utilizing domestic capabilities along with global cutting-edge technology to establish a leading position in construction and manufacturing services national-wide. Before long, by running few interrelated businesses targeting some of the most essential technologies for country’s industrial growth and adhering to the core principals of the company, Roshd Sanat became one of the significant players in the development of our country.

Devising innovative business models and developing global network, Roshd Sanat Group with her three daughter companies, Roshd Sanat, Roshd Sanat Niroo Co. & Taam Locomotive Arya Co. along with sister companies across the world, emerged as one of the prominent businesses in the region with a wide range of product and services from “Renewable Energy” to “Rail industries” and “High power industrial electrical machines”. Cultivating creative flexible organizational culture and garnering advanced technical knowhow not existed in the country; Roshd Sanat Group played a major role in industrial progress of our country and contributed to sustainable development and economic growth of Iran.

Our vision at Roshd Sanat has always been to focus on recognizing customers’ every requirement, vying for higher quality in all products and services, and being sensitive to environmental requirements as global citizens and in short, being prepared in all grounds for ever-exceeding customers’ expectation. We in Roshd Sanat Group strongly believe satisfied customers, gratified employees and willing partners are essential for our forward movements and future success. In this journey, each and every member of Roshd Sanat family is committed to hold the company and each other to the highest standard of integrity and technological excellence.

Today, looking back at more than two decades of Roshd Sanat Group’s dynamic and forward-looking activities, I feel proud of being part of such a progressive and resourceful institution from the day one, and strongly believe that together with our trustworthy and ingenious staff as well as supportive and astute management team, we will be able to accelerate the rate of achieving technological enhancements and creative capabilities of our industrial group and contribute more and more to economic development of our country and region.